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Terror and Liberalism

The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad by Fareed Zakaria


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The Nazi Seizure of Power by William Sheridan Allen

Terror and Liberalism

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Lott Just Doesn't Get It

"When you’re from Mississippi and you’re a conservative and you’re a Christian, there are a lot of people that don’t like that. I fell into their trap and so I have only myself to blame.”

What Lott said had nothing to do with him being from Mississippi, or being a conservative, and certainly not about being a Christian. His racist comments are being assailed from all sides and from within his own party.
This isn't an apology for his pro-segregation statements, this is an I'm-sorry-I-got-caught apology. The difference is huge and should be apparent. Unfortunately for Lott, it's not. This is why his decision not to pursue the post of Majority Leader, while a good step, is nevertheless inadequate. What makes that decision worse is that it is not due to his recognition of the damage he has caused, but rather that he no longer has the votes to become Majority Leader since Bill Frist has stepped up to replace him.
Lott's apology is not complete until he is gone. Maybe then he will understand that his political collapse was not the fault of his enemies or political opponents, but rather his own racist stupidity. He made the statement, he needs to live with the consequences and not blame them on other people.

  posted by Kris Lofgren @ 4:53:00 PM

Sunday, December 22, 2002